Mr. Stafford and his entire staff were very knowledgeable and extremely attentive to all of my needs. My case was extensively complicated and my outcome was extremely successful. I would highly recommend Stafford Law Company to anyone.


Joseph Stafford and his staff are the best advocates to have on your side. I hired Joe Stafford to help me during a painful, stressful divorce . Joe was a diligent advocate, skilled and masterful in his craft. There is no question I would hire him again, and recommend him to anyone in need of a stellar attorney.

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The best domestic attorney in the United States, period. Fights for what’s in the child’s best interest. I cannot thank him enough.


Joe was a wonderful attorney and ally. He was at the top of his game during the entire time my litigation was going on. His knowledge and experience… really paid off, he won the case for me. I would recommend him any time.


After two years of mishandling by other attorneys, my divorce proceedings were a complete mess. Joe agreed to take over my case and settled favorably for my children and I within 5 months. He is brilliant and fearless. He is a results-based attorney who doesn’t waste time with lengthy emails or phone conversations. Let him do his job- he’s truly great at it.